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I would recommend Apollo's state-of- the-art facility to anyone seeking quality healthcare, thanks for its medical fraternity and staff at all departments.
I am grateful for the top class facility provided to me at Apollo Hospitals.
This is a wonderful hospital. The doctors & support staff are very co-operative and amiable. The way in which medical treatment is rendered at Apollo with a humane touch is extremely praiseworthy
Ms. Mahalaxmi V, Cancer Survivor, sharing her story of Hope & Courage

Ms. Afsana Kazi sharing her story of Hope & Courage at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

Ms. Radha S, Cancer Survivor, sharing her story of Hope & Courage.

I was detected with hypertensive nephropathy 3 years back which led to end stage renal disease. I was undergoing dialysis thrice a week which was very painful. Thanks to my sister and the Apollo Transplant team who have given me a new life.
Thank you very much for all your reception and considerate protocol from the entire team that accompanied us during our stay in Mumbai- India. I am very happy with the entire Health Check team.
Mr Ravikant (Name Changed) 64 year-old, arrived from a local nursing home via ambulance. Apollo Hospitals, Mumbai immediately identified left sided stroke, arranged for basic blood tests and a CT Angiogram which was completed in 25-30 mins. After 10 minutes of counseling with his family, thrombolysis medication was started in 42 minutes. The International standard for the same is 60 minutes. Thank you Emergency team of Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai from saving my life from stroke.
Due to severe stomach pain, I was taken to the casualty of Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai at around midnight. I was expecting that, the senior doctors will attend to me only by next day morning, but to my surprise, the main surgeon of the hospital Dr. Shalin Dubey arrived at the casualty within a few minutes. Through a highly complicated surgical procedure, Dr. Shalin Dubey had cured my medical problem with which I have been suffering for the last 20 years. I really appreciate his surgical skill in handling my complicated medical problem and rewarding me with a second life. A down to earth personality who had taken care of me as his own sibling. Dr. Dubey is really a welcome relief for all patients. Thank you doctor.
Hello All! I wanted to share with you all about my experience at Apollo hospitals. Recently I was admitted to Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai for a severe, almost paralyzing backache, which was diagnosed as “L4-L5 Stenosis with left postereolateral disc extrusion”. The overall experience right from the assistance of Ambulance staff from my home to the hassle free admission at the hospital and successful surgery to getting a quick discharge, was a completely extraordinary experience. I was brought in the Emergency Department and after a quick assessment by Dr. Trang Singhal, I was immediately taken to do an MRI which was promptly done by the Hospital Team. I was admitted under Dr. Ram Chaddha. He and his team visited me in the ER, and after a detailed examination gave us the option for surgery or medical management. I opted for medical treatment. But after unfruitful results I had to opt for the surgery. The surgery was scheduled immediately after thorough investigations were done within a few hours. Usually we see doctors acting like Gods. They would never explain or discuss in detail the treatment plan with the patient or family. But my experience was completely different. Dr. Ram would meet daily & check & explain the level of improvement. He explained the procedure in detail, with all the risks & benefits, after surgery care & exercises, etc. He even insisted that the decision would be taken only by me, without any pressure from family/ himself, and only when I was prepared for the surgery (as I was a little hesitant for the surgery). After the surgery, I found great relief and was also able to walk independently the very next day. The best part (other than the treatment) was the way Dr. Ram conversed. He was immensely polite, caring and assuring me and my family. He is truly a man of God. Apollo hospitals is really blessed to have Dr. Ram Chadda & his team (Dr. Agnivesh, Dr. Ashish & Dr. Mayur). I am glad I chose Apollo hospital for my treatment. I wish them continued success. God Bless! The hospitals staff are courteous, caring and helpful. Thank you Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. Keep up the good work!
Dr. Swagata Sarkar, Sandeep Pandey and Sankalp Rao along with the wonderful cafeteria and housekeeping staff made our first experience in India & Apollo amazing. I would like to recommend Dr. Swagata Sarkar, Sandeep Pandey and Sankalp Rao to anybody who needs quality eye care. They are an amazing team, and we will be informing our other international friends. We are so happy that we came to Apollo Hospital for treatment because we were able to meet Dr. Sarkar and his team. From the first day we were here, they made us feel welcomed and involved when it came to getting treatment. My grandmother’s vision has improved drastically, all thanks to the Dr. and his two partners. The three of them are the reason we will be recommending Apollo Hospital to everyone we know"

Ms. Ruchita Verma sharing her experience after Spine Surgery under Dr. Ram Chaddha at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

Mrs. Afreen Khan sharing her experience after Spine Surgery under Dr. Ram Chaddha at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

Mr. Harishchandra Patil sharing his experience post Spine Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

Mr. Charles Cornelius sharing his experience after Spine Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

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