PUBLIC UPDATE – COVID 19 Vaccination



We wish to inform you that Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai is a registered centre for COVID-19 Vaccination. The vaccination services will be provided as per the Government guidelines.

COVID – 19 Vaccination:

  1. The eligibility of registration for vaccination is based on the following criteria:
    • Individuals over 60 years of age
    • Individuals aged 45 to 60 years with comorbidities, as per the Government of India Guidelines
      1. Doctor’s prescription in Government prescribed format certifying co-morbidities
      2. If the patient doesn’t have a prescription, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, on-duty doctor shall evaluate him/her clinically. Based on the clinical evaluation, a certificate will be issued to the patient. The rights are reserved with the doctor for certification. Patient has to carry his/her old medical records.
      3. No charges will be levied to the patient for the same.
    • The hospital has one booth that can vaccinate up to 400 people a day. The Vaccine centre is set-up on the 6th Floor of the Hospital premises
    • Patients will be charged INR 100 per person, per vaccine, as service charges. INR 150 will be charged for the vaccine. These are government approved rates and no discount will be offered on the same
    • The Vaccination administration hours are from 9: 00 am to 5.30 pm.
    • How to book an appointment?
      Patients can book a slot via the Co-Win App. This would shorten the waiting time and confirm the availability of the vaccination slot.
    • All beneficiaries, regardless of the mode of access, is advised to carry any one of the following photo ID document:
      • Aadhar Card
      • Voter ID Card (EPIC)
      • Passport
      • Certificate of co-morbidity for citizens in age group of 45 years to 59 years (signed by a registered medical practitioner)
    • Vaccination Process:
      • Once at the hospital, take the elevator to the 6th floor
      • Show your ID card and assert the criteria as per the government norms
      • Get billing and Apollo registration done
      • Collect your token no. and wait for your turn
      • Take the vaccine shot
      • Wait in the observation area for 30 min
      • Collect the vaccination certificate before you leave
    • In case a patient feels uneasy or restless or dizzy, the doctors will immediately attend to him/her
    • A certificate will be given after the completion of the 2nd dose
    • It is advisable to register and book the appointment through Co-Win app. Patients can walk-in as well, but the vaccination will be based on the availability of slot as the maximum vaccination slots are 400/day
    • Healthcare workers are also eligible to take the vaccine provided they have pre-registered on Co-Win
    • If you have recently been vaccinated against other diseases, please consultant your doctor before taking the COVID- 19 vaccination
    • If you have undergone any recent medical and surgical intervention in a hospital set up, kindly consultant your doctor before the vaccination
    • In case of any adverse event post vaccination, reportto the government helpline (1075) or dial Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai for any emergencies (1066). Consultation with a physician on-call or in OPD/ER is also available.

Common FAQs:

  1. Can a young person with less than 45 years of age with comorbidities such as diabetes get the vaccine?
    Ans. No
  2. Can we book multiple appointments with same mobile no.?
    Ans. Yes, but you will need to bring ID proofs, Aadhar or Pan Cards of all individuals.
  3. Will there be a waiting?
    Ans. Yes
  4. Can a patient choose the vaccine at the Centre?
    Ans. No
  5. How is Social Distancing maintained in the vaccination centre?
    Ans. The booths are enclosed and separated, and seating arrangements are in accordance with the social distancing guidelines.