Tender Loving Care helps Sushrut conquer cancer

27 year-old Sushrut often had severe abdominal pain, due to which he was unable to eat well. After seeing over ten doctors who couldn’t diagnose his condition, the last doctor told him to get a colonoscopy. The reports revealed dead tissues inside the colon, so his doctor referred Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to him.

At the Apollo Cancer Centre, Dr. Shishir Shetty, Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, confirmed the diagnoses and operated on him within a couple of days. Sushrut was then put on six cycles of chemotherapy. He stated that during this difficult time, his doctors and the day care staff immensely helped him. They carefully explained to him the precautions that needed to be taken before and after his chemotherapy session. Sushrut is now healthy and is preparing for his upcoming wedding.