A prompt call to 1066 saves another life

75 year-old Devaram Shankar, a resident of Mulund, was suffering from three ailments – hypertension, cardiac and neurological issues – for which he was being treated at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. His son, Vijay Devaram was leaving for work one day when his father told him that he was unable to move. Having seen the Apollo Ambulance Emergency number in his father’s medical files, he called 1066 and soon an ambulance arrived with doctors and their support staff. The patient’s treatment began as soon as he reached the hospital and within a few days he was back on his feet. His son stated that previously his father was required to go to multiple locations for different tests and treatments, but thanks to the hospital, they found everything under one roof bringing him great relief. Vijay also revealed that he and his father had a comfortable stay at the hospital and are extremely happy with the all the services.