Robotic surgery rids woman of 20 year-old hernia

After delivering her first child in 1998, Srabana Das developed a spigelian hernia. Her fear of having a surgery; the scarring, pain and the post-operative restrictions associated with it, prevented her from getting the required help. She would resort to managing her pain with over-the-counter pain killers and some rest. It was after 20 years, when the hernia increased incredibly in size, causing her social embarrassment along with the increased pain, that her family physician urged her for surgical intervention. She finally decided to meet Laparoscopic & Robotic surgeon, Dr.Shalin Dubey at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. Perceiving the challenges that would be associated with operating on such a large hernia, he suggested robotic surgery. This seemed like a viable option to Srabana, since it substantially reduces the issues associated with an open surgery. At the age of 48, she finally had the operation with just three small holes in her abdomen. She says that she is finally pain-free and confident, and thanked Dr. Dubey and the entire staff at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai for bringing her back to her normal life.