67 year-old recovers from lung disease after Apollo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

Dr. Jayalakshmi TK advised 67 year-old Arun Kakade to join the Apollo Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme. He was required to attend sessions with a physiotherapist, a dietitian and a pulmonologist – which he states helped him immensely. Mr. Arun further thanked his doctors, praised the programme and said that he hopes to keep feeling better and healthier in the future too.

Physiotherapy helps 63-year old live pain-free

63-year-old Prabhakar was suffering from constant pain in his left arm and a stiff neck when he came to Dr. Tanuja Akre, an expert physiotherapist at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. Before he started therapy, his movements were restricted and hampered his mobility.

Physiotherapy relives male of acute neck pain

43-year-old Dinesh was suffering from acute neck pain that was radiating to his shoulder. This was also leading to postural issues, weakness, and stiffness. He consulted Dr. Niharika Bhadri for physiotherapy and reported that within five sessions, he started to feel better.

Physiotherapy helps woman with dislocated elbow regain mobility

53 year-old Rachna Daswal had a fall that led to a dislocated elbow. She had to walk around with a plaster for weeks, which resulted in limited use of her right arm. Once the plaster was off, her arm still hurt and was stiff. She then consulted Ms.Tanuja Akre, Physiotherapist at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

Mr Ranganathan sharing his experience post undergoing physiotherapy treatment at Apollo Hospitals

Mr. Ranganathan, 65 year old, was in severe pain and unable to lift his right hand. His family friend advised him to meet the specialist at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. After clinical evaluation, Dr Tanuja Akre, advised a personalised physiotherapy treatment.

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Mrs. Kavita Manwani, a 67 years old lady from Navi Mumbai, had walked in at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai for a physiotherapy consultation, as she was not able to lift her right hand. It severely affected her daily routine activities.

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Mrs Dinoo Colombowalla, from Navi Mumbai was suffering from back pain, weakness and poor balance while walking, which affected her daily routine activities. She was advised for physiotherapy at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.