Liver Transplant of their little one fills parents’ life with joy

When Trishna looked down at her 6-month old baby, who would cry incessantly, she felt helpless. The parents then decided to take their baby to a family doctor who noticed swelling in young Devansh’s stomach. She advised the parents to get a sonography to understand the ailment troubling their little one.

Mother donated a part of her liver to her 2 years old son and gave him a new lease of life

Yadna, 2 year old boy from Mumbai was suffering from liver disease due to which he had poor growth. When he was 8 months old, he underwent a TIPPS procedure in a private hospital in Mumbai. After one year he started developing complications and was presented with low weight gain & poor growth factors at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

A ray of hope found in India

A retired nurse in Tanzania went to visit her daughter’s 4 month-old baby and noticed she had yellow eyes; she urged her daughter to take the baby to see a doctor. At the National Hospital they were told that it was too late for her child and there was nothing to be done.