Uterine rupture during delivery, turns out to be a nightmare for Congolese woman

Mukingi Tuyisenge Germaine, a 36 year-old Congolese national’s pregnancy turned into a nightmare when a uterine rupture led to a miscarriage and a complex surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in damage to her left ureter (kidney pipe), and she was shifted to another health center in Congo for its surgical management. She spent the next three months in the center getting treated for her condition, but found no relief. All this while the patient was in immense pain, experienced bleeding and had lost bladder control. Eventually, she was referred to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to expert Robotic Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Amolkumar Patil. After examination, he decided to perform a ureteric reimplantation. Mukingi started to feel better soon after the surgery; her pain subsided and she was finally able to sleep in peace. She thanked Dr. Patil and the hospital for finally helping her get back to her normal life.