Extremely high-risk pregnancy managed by a multi-disciplinary team

Soon after Samina got pregnant with her baby daughter, it was clear that hers was going to be a high-risk pregnancy. The patient, along with her husband, met Dr. Bindhu K.S., Consultant, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, who advised her to get an ultrasound and a MRI exam, which confirmed that the patient was suffering from a rare condition known as Placenta Percreta. This serious condition causes the placenta to grow through the uterine wall and spreads to other organs, which can further result in massive blood-loss (often requiring blood transfusion), damage to the extended organs, infections and multi-organ failure, an extended stay in the ICU and a high mortality rate. To help Samina get through this life-threatening condition, Dr. Bindhu, along with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists in the field of obstetrics, interventional radiology, anaesthetists and intensivists, made a detailed treatment plan for her. During her C-section, Samina gave birth to a healthy baby and was discharged within a week. The patient’s husband, revealed that though he was worried for his wife and their baby, he had full faith in Dr. Bindhu, who had also delivered the couple’s son twelve years ago. A pre-planned, focussed approach and a multi-disciplinary team together helped save two precious lives.