Thorough medical evaluation saves Omani patient’s life

A resident of the Sultanate of Oman, Ali Bin Al-thani Rahil Al-Abdani, was told that his 76 year-old father’s planned prostate surgery in his home country would not be performed due to certain complications. On the suggestion of his friends, he accompanied his father to Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai to consult Dr. Amolkumar Patil, Consultant, Robotic Urology & Kidney Transplant Surgery. However, thorough medical evaluation revealed that the patient’s arteries were blocked and he was referred to Dr. Rahul Gupta, Consultant Interventional Cardiology for the management of his condition. Dr. Gupta successfully performed an emergency procedure on the patient and he recovered soon after. Mr. Al-Abdani stated that he was extremely happy with the care his father received and thanked the entire hospital staff for helping his father recover.