Heart transplant gives a new lease of life to 33 year-old

When Sriram Naik went for a routine check-up to his family physician and underwent an ECG, his doctor noticed some abnormalities. For further management, he was sent to a renowned hospital where a 2D ECHO test showed 90% blockage in one of his arteries and he was advised a bypass surgery. Apprehensive of such a major surgery, the patient sent his reports to Dr. Rahul Gupta, Consultant Interventional Cardiology, for a second opinion. Dr. Gupta stated that the patient did not need surgery but an Angioplasty. Soon an ambulance was sent to him and within 15 minutes he was transferred to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. The next day the procedure was successfully performed on the patient and he was back to his normal life after ten days. The patient has revealed that he had a great experience at the hospital – from the laboratories to the ICU and the staff, everything was excellent. He added that Dr. Rahul Gupta wasn’t just a good doctor to him but also supported and encouraged him to get back to his daily activities. The patient thanked Dr.Gupta and the staff for helping him get back on his feet again.