18 year-old’s leg saved after life-threatening injuries

A truck slammed into 18 year-old Shubham’s bike and gravely injured his right leg. Bystanders bought him to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai where he was stabilised. With acute muscle damage, it took him over a month to be fully treated by Dr. Siddhart Yadav, Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Dr. Charudatta Chaudhari, Consultant, Reconstructive Surgeon. His mother, Maitri, later revealed that seeing his condition, she wasn’t sure if her son would make it but the doctors assured her that her son would survive and live a normal life again. While still undergoing therapy, Shubham is now back on his feet, going to college and living his life just as he had before the accident. Maitri added, “We can spend money for treatment at any hospital but not every place can give us the desired results. I am glad that a multi-specialty hospital like Apollo was in Navi Mumbai to save my son.”