A ray of hope found in India

A retired nurse in Tanzania went to visit her daughter’s 4 month-old baby and noticed she had yellow eyes; she urged her daughter to take the baby to see a doctor. At the National Hospital they were told that it was too late for her child and there was nothing to be done. After being suggested by a friend, they decided to get the baby to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, where he was diagnosed with a congenital condition of the liver, ‘Biliary Atresia’ which had caused irreversible damage and scarring of the liver. The team of doctors at the hospital, Dr. Darius Mirza & Dr. Vikram Raut, deduced that at such an advanced stage of the disease, their only option was a liver transplant. After his father was deemed suitable to be the donor, the surgery was successfully performed on the baby, who is now the youngest liver-transplant patient in western India. A month after the surgery, the family was ready to go back home with their healthy and happy baby. Being delighted with their experience here, they vowed to recommend Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to everyone in need of serious medical attention back home.