Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai stands by 4 generations

When 95 year-old Ramchandra Ginde started to have intense pain in his stomach, his family doctor diagnosed him with hernia. At his advanced age, he was vary of undergoing surgery and decided against it. 5 years later, when he was living with his daughter in Navi Mumbai, his pain started to get progressively worse. His daughter, Suman Mangnaik, who was visiting Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, with her pregnant daughter-in-law, came across a Hernia information leaflet and decided to meet Dr. Shalin Dubey, Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery to discuss her father's condition. Soon, she and Dr. Dubey together convinced her 102 year old father to get his hernia operated. Within a few days, a sharp pain in the abdomen, also bought Suman’s son, Ravindra to the hospital, who ended up getting the same surgery before his grandfather. After seeing both his son and elderly father-in-law healthy after their respective surgeries, Suman’s husband, Maruti Mangnaik also met with Dr. Dubey for his long standing hernia. Despite a history of serious cardiac issues, his surgery was successful. Suman later revealed that in the two years she has lived next to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, her entire family, including her infant granddaughter, have been treated here. She added that the hospital was equivalent to a temple to her and has been a constant pillar of support for her family.