After losing two babies, woman delivers a healthy baby boy

After having lost two babies, Rubina came to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai in her third pregnancy. She had had premature deliveries both times via caesarean sections, which is why it was imperative for her to take extra caution this time.

Extremely high-risk pregnancy managed by a multi-disciplinary team

Soon after Samina got pregnant with her baby daughter, it was clear that hers was going to be a high-risk pregnancy. The patient, along with her husband, met Dr. Bindhu K.S., Consultant, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, who advised her to get an ultrasound and a MRI exam, which confirmed that the patient was suffering from a rare condition known as Placenta Percreta.

Uterine rupture during delivery, turns out to be a nightmare for Congolese woman

Mukingi Tuyisenge Germaine, a 36 year-old Congolese national’s pregnancy turned into a nightmare when a uterine rupture led to a miscarriage and a complex surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in damage to her left ureter (kidney pipe), and she was shifted to another health center in Congo for its surgical management.