Mr Purandare sharing his experience post undergoing cardiac surgery.

Mr. Purandare a 55 year old from Kharghar, developed chest pain early in the morning. He was rushed to Apollo emergency care with a low heart rate. On clinical evaluation, he had blockage in the heart which led to the massive heart attack.

HUSBAND OF MRS. SWATI YADAV Sharing their experience post undergoing Heart Surgery

Mrs Swati Yadav was diagnosed with a heart disease and had breathing difficulties. The couple consulted Dr Rahul Gupta, Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

Thorough medical evaluation saves Omani patient’s life

A resident of the Sultanate of Oman, Ali Bin Al-thani Rahil Al-Abdani, was told that his 76 year-old father’s planned prostate surgery in his home country would not be performed due to certain complications.

Mr. Narendra Singh AroraAdvanced non-surgical heart procedure (TAVR) saves elderly’s life

72 year-old Narendra Singh Arora was brought to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai after having experienced breathlessness for over four months and developing swelling in his legs.

Second Opinion Prevents Man from Getting Major Surgery

When Sriram Naik went for a routine check-up to his family physician and underwent an ECG, his doctor noticed some abnormalities. For further management, he was sent to a renowned hospital where a 2D ECHO test showed 90% blockage in one of his arteries and he was advised a bypass surgery.

Woman from Kenya undergoes the first Watchman implantation in Navi Mumbai

83 year-old Zareena Patel from Nairobi, Kenya, was diagnosed with Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation (Irregular Heart Rhythm) with high risk of developing stroke, over two years ago. To reduce the risk of stroke, she was prescribed blood thinners, which inevitably led to a haemorrhage.

Rwandan blind father of four treated for Heart Disease

Ndayisaba Salvator, a blind resident of Rawanda and father of four children, was suffering from chest pain. After examination in a hospital in Uganda, he was advised to visit Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to manage his condition.

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai performs Transcutaneous Heart Valve Replacement in 78 year-old man

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai performs Transcutaneous Heart Valve Replacement in 78 year-old man without open heart surgery 78-year old patient, a resident Navi Mumbai was suffering with severe breathing issues even on mild exertion, since last six months affecting his daily routine.

Irregular Heartbeat brings Hamza to India from Ethiopia

For the last 8 years 50 year-old Hamza from Ethiopia was suffering from chest pain. As his condition deteriorated, his doctors advised him to meet the specialists at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.

Kripal Singh, an 82-year old man, had breathing difficulties

Kripal Singh, an 82-year old man, had breathing difficulties. He visited multiple hospitals for consultation, on evaluation, the doctors had advised a cardiac procedure. The family wished to get an expert opinion and decided to visit Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.