Touching Lives

39 year-old Patient recovers after Breast Cancer treatment

39 year-old Radha experienced minor breast pain. Upon clinical evaluation a lump was found in her breast. A mammography and biopsy were soon done and a few axillary lymph nodes were noted. The patient was then advised to consult Dr. Tejinder Singh, Consultant, Medical Oncology at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.

Young patient with advanced thyroid cancer makes a full recovery

Young patient with advanced thyroid cancer makes a full recovery 28-year-old Maneesha Gaur was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at a local hospital in Thane, after she noticed a lump in her neck. She subsequently went to Tata Memorial Centre for further assessment.

Mr Ajay Kumar, cancer survivor shares his experience in the fight against cancer

Mr Ajay Kumar, was diagnosed with mouth cancer due to excessive consumption of tobacco. After diagnosing with cancer, for further treatment, his family friend advised him to meet the specialist at Apollo Hospitals.

Tender Loving Care helps Sushrut conquer cancer

27 year-old Sushrut often had severe abdominal pain, due to which he was unable to eat well. After seeing over ten doctors who couldn’t diagnose his condition, the last doctor told him to get a colonoscopy. The reports revealed dead tissues inside the colon, so his doctor referred Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to him.

“Didn't feel like a foreigner"

Roseline visited Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai from Nigeria. Upon arrival, Dr.Tejinder Singh explained her medical condition, processes and started with her treatment.

Personalised cancer care

Mrs. Tigist visited Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, all the way from Ethiopia to receive chemotherapy for breast cancer.