Man in his prime successfully undergoes ABO incompatible kidney transplant

After a failed Kidney Transplant, Akash and his father Mr. Ashwini Ingoley came to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to enlist for a cadaver donor transplant. After being on dialysis and the wait list for a while, Akash found a donor in his aunt; however, she did not share his blood group. His doctors, Dr. Amit Langote, Consultant Nephrology, and Dr. Amolkumar Patil, Consultant Urology, Robotic Surgery & Kidney Transplant Surgery, then decided to do an ABO incompatible transplant, which was performed successfully. It has been 7 months since the procedure and Akash has already returned to his normal life – he is going to college, eating normally, exercising and has even been told to reduce his medication. He has thanked both his doctors and revealed that he is extremely happy with the services, the nursing staff and everyone who assisted with his post-op care. His father added that the entire procedure, including government approvals, went smoothly, thanks to the help he received from the staff.