24/7 Emergency assistance saves 6 year-old after a fall

6 year-old Zebeon was in Lonavala for a family vacation when he had a serious fall during a nature walk. Having fallen on his head, he was rushed to the closest hospital, where he received first aid. The staff then promptly contacted Dr. Nitin Jagasia, Head of Emergency Medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, who guided them through the treatment and soon sent an ambulance down to Lonavala to bring the patient to Navi Mumbai. Once Zebeon reached the hospital, he was taken in for a CT scan. His mother, Semoline, said that the team of doctors taking care of her son was extremely helpful and explained everything clearly and patiently. She also added that the doctors wasted no time in starting the treatment. After a 12 day-long stay in the hospital, Zebeon was discharged and his mother thanked all the doctors and the staff for their excellent care.

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