A call to 1066 saves elderly man twice

82 year-old Mr. R.N. Swamy was with his daughter when his speech started to slur and there was noticeable distortion in his facial muscles. His daughter rushed him to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai immediately where a team of neurosurgeons – Dr. Girish Nair, Consultant Neurology and Dr. Vishal Chafale, Consultant Neurology, told the family that Mr. Swamy had suffered a stroke. The doctors explained the condition to the patient’s family and started treatment within the Golden Hour. About a year after this incident, Mr. R N Swamy’s health suffered another setback when he suddenly started to experience chest heaviness and uneasiness. Having had a positive experience with the hospital before, his daughter dialled 1066 and called an ambulance from Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.