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Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai has one of the Best Spine Surgery Teams trained in “Robotics” and qualified to perform highly complex spine surgeries.


Highly Qualified Spine Team:

A team of Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Spine Surgeons work together for patient care and achieve outcomes beyond the scope of a single sub-specialty.

State-of-the-Art Operating Suites:

Patient safety and superior clinical outcomes are assured with:

  • Specialized Anaesthesia Team for optimal experience
  • Dedicated Spine frame and radiolucent table for all Spine Surgeries
  • Top of the line Operating microscopes, Drill systems and Cutting-edge technology
  • Neuro-monitoring & Neuro- navigation


Spine Robot (Renaissance, Mazor Robotics) is the latest technological wonder to be added to the DIVISION OF SPINE SURGERY – AHNM. Renaissance is the pioneer in Spinal Robotics.

robotic spine

The Robot assists the surgeon during instrumentation based surgical procedures. There is a significant improvement in ergonomics, surgical dexterity and surgeon-instrument interface with the Robot.

The Mazor Robot guides successful placement of pedicle and translaminar screws in both open and minimally invasive spine surgeries. There is a significant reduction in chances of human errors, improving accuracy. There is a dramatic minimization of radiation exposure to the patient and to the OR team, less tissue dissection, manipulation and bleeding. The intra-operative precision is multiplied manifold while collateral damage is eliminated.

With Robot assisted spine surgeries in conjunction with neuro-navigation, less than 0.6% of screws need revision intra-operatively as compared to 4.9% screws using the non-navigated free hand placed screws.

This wonder tool enables the Spine Surgeon to successfully plan and perform high demand complex spine surgeries including challenging deformity corrections (scoliosis, kyphosis & listhesis) and revision spine surgeries with safety, precision and minimal radiation to the patient and operating room personnel.

Based on pre-operative and intra-operative radiological imaging-data syncing to the patient’s individual anatomy using software programming, a virtual surgical strategy can be envisaged and replicated during the procedure.

This has revolutionized safety in surgery and transformed results of critical high demand spine interventions.


Robot Guided Minimally Invasive ‘Cosmetic’ Spine Surgery:

robotic spine2

Minimally Invasive Surgery reduces post-operative pain and hospital stay. The surgical team is experienced in providing the least invasive and most aesthetic option for all spine problems.

Robot Guided Complex Deformity Surgery:

Abnormal Spine Curves from birth or developed during ‘growing years’ are addressed comprehensively. Counselling, bracing, growth modulation to minimally invasive surgeries are offered based on custom made options for each deformity. Robot-assisted Deformity Surgery has increased precision and improved outcomes.


Fixation and Fusion:

Fixation is required to stabilize the spine for instability or to provide support to vertebrae. This can be done by minimal invasive techniques. Navigation guided screw placement makes the surgery safer. Robot reduces the ‘human error’ while inserting screws in spine.

Scoliosis Correction:

Scoliosis means sideways bending of the spine. It is seen most commonly in school going children (adolescent girls more affected), resulting in severe cosmetic problems. The Spine Team at AHNM is capable of handling the most complex deformity cases.

Kyphosis correction:

Kyphosis is forward bending of the spine. It is commonly caused by Congenital (birth defects) anomalies, Spine Tuberculosis in young children or osteoporotic fractures in the elderly. Suitable corrective procedures where indicated are offered.

Spondylolisthesis Reduction & Fusion:

Spondylolisthesis means slipping of one vertebrae over the other. It is commonly seen in the adolescent age and middle-aged women. With the availability of robot the surgery can be done much safely by minimally invasive technique with neuro-monitoring guidance.

Dysplastic Spinal Deformities:

Very stiff deformities require a cutting, realignment and stabilization of the spinal column. Robot helps to put screws with precision in the ‘difficult’ dysplastic pedicles.

Fracture Fixation:

Fractures in the thoraco lumbar spine can be fixed much safely with the robotic guidance.

Degenerative Spinal Fusion Surgeries:

Degenerative spinal fusion surgeries can be done much safely with the robotic guidance. The chances of misdirected screw hitting/damaging a nerve root or spinal cord is significantly reduced.

Clinical Benefits – Robotic Spine Surgery

robotic spine3

Source: www.mazorrobotics.com

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