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Non-Invasive Cardiology Services in Mumbai

Fever Clinics

In the current scenario people are extremely fearful about the novel coronavirus infection. If anyone gets fever panic sets in, and there is fear and confusion whether it could be due to COVID19 or not.

To address such concerns the newly launched Apollo Fever Clinic will provide appropriate diagnosis and management of fever.

The Apollo Fever Clinic is a specialized service offered; wherein patients can come in with fever or fever-related issues, which our expert physician and infectious disease specialist would evaluate, diagnose and treat. The Facility has been segregated to ensure that all patients are first screened as per ICMR guidelines at the very outset and those whose symptoms are suggestive of COVID-19 are guided out to continue their treatments as prescribed by the Government and ICMR guidelines.

For Appointments, call – 022 33503350/62806280 | Time: 9 am to 5 pm