Social distancing and Isolation care are critical to break the chain of spread of COVID19. In anticipation for an increased need of medically supervised isolated care, Apollo has launched Project Stay-i. Project Stay-i is an innovative initiative to strengthen the bulwark against COVID-19 by creating isolation rooms in hotels with light medical supervision for quarantine. They create a barrier to ensure people recover without spreading the virus and are supervised, if they need to move to medical care at the right time. This also ensures that people who are not critically sick don’t occupy the hospital beds freeing up the scarce resource for more critical and deserving patient.

Non-Invasive Cardiology Services in Mumbai

To ensure affordable, safe rooms, Apollo Hospitals has joined forces with Deutsche bank, Hindustan Unilever, State Bank of India, Oyo Rooms, Lemon Tree, Ginger hotels and Zomato and has launched a social impact initiative. The working protocols, functioning and monitoring framework have been developed, and the project was announced on 30th March, 2020. As part of phase 1, we launched 100 rooms in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai& Delhi.

The entire supply chain with working protocols, functions and monitoring framework for Stay i is developed.

A guest who wishes to book a room under Stay-i needs to visit our website and fill out the form on the homepage. Guests can also call our 24 I 7 helpline number 18605000202 to avail this facility. In both the scenarios, after getting the details, the Apollo Hospitals team would get back to the guest with booking confirmation and check-in requirements within 3 hrs.

Non-Invasive Cardiology Services in Mumbai