Apollo Hospitals - Keeping you Safe

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, in this unprecedented COVID-19 situation, has continued to successfully treat patients and address their health needs both in person & through virtual consults, strictly adhering to the regulations advised by the corporation and following international infection control practises, enhancing safety measures to provide a safe environment for patients & care providers. Please read below to know how we are keeping you safe while providing the care you need.

Non-Invasive Cardiology Services in Mumbai

Safety Initiatives:

    Safety initiatives are rigorously followed to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission
  • Screening patients for symptoms & COVID-19 exposure before the entering the premisesat all entry points of the hospital
  • Usage of three ply masks for all staff, visitors & patients
  • Frequent cleaning of OPD rooms & visitor areas
  • Cleaning of rooms & medical equipment after each patient
  • Patient waiting areas with social distancing

Don't ignore your symptoms & delay your treatment

Do not let the fear of one disease prevent you from saving yourself from many others. Seemingly common symptoms like breathlessness, bloody stools or slurring of speech could be indicative of serious health issues. Medical conditions left untreated can lead to worsening of symptoms and longer, difficult recovery period. In some cases, failure to receive medical care can also be life-threatening.

Doctor Appointments:

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai has enforced safety precautions in the hospital premises for anyone who needs face-to-face care, for new & existing patients with international safety control measures. For appointments call: 022 33503350 / 62806280. Online Consultation - Install Apollo 247 APP.

We are successfully performing routine Emergency & elective planned surgical works. AHNM has created isolated area for handling admissions of respiratory cases. Patients can reach out for respective Specialities for undertaking elective surgeries by consulting the clinicians.

In case of medical emergencies do not delay the care, we have our 24x7 emergency services with a team of specialists prepared to care for you & your loved ones.

Surgery at Apollo Hospitals is Safe

International Safety Control Practises are followed

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai follows International infection control guidelines to ensure that every person that walks through our doors remains safe and healthy. With strict screening processes in place we aim to protect all medical and non-medical staff that care for patients and visitors. Safe tertiary care is assured when you are at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.

Ignoring symptoms, delaying treatment or surgeries, can further complicate the medical condition or affect the clinical outcomes.


  • Testing for COVID-19?
    All the patients undergoing elective procedures will be tested for COVID-19, before the surgery. This process the helps in the safety of the patient and the staff at the hospital
  • Post the COVID-19 test?
    If he test results are negative, you will undergo the surgery as planned. If you test positive, the hospital will help you get the care you need and reschedule the surgery. This will give you the time to recover and post the same, follow up test would be scheduled to make sure you are COVID-19 negative.
    If you test positive and the surgery can't be rescheduled or delayed, in such cases we have the safety protocols to protect you and our teams while undergoing the surgery. For performing such procedures, we have segregated a separate operating room and recovery rooms with negative pressure.
  • How our operating rooms are Safe?
    All our OT's are of negative pressure and international infection control practises are followed.
  • Recovering post-surgery in the hospital?
    Post the surgery you will be shifted in a sanitised room and the care team will be equipped with all the protective equipment's. Visitors are not allowed to meet the patient and there are exceptions in case of paediatric patients. The on ground team will support and completely care during your recovery.
  • Procedures to be followed while leaving the hospital?
    If you are being discharged on the same day, one of your relative can come and pick you. While entering the hospital premises, they have to follow all the safety instructions and will be screened at the entrance.

Post the discharge you can follow-up with the consultant by visiting the OPD.

For more information, please call: 022 33503350/62806280, Emergency - 1066