Health Check

Appointment and Registration

  • Once you have decided to undergo our Health Check, you can book an appointment either online at or call us at 91-44-60661066.
  • You can also login to our Edoc website and fill in your medical history. This would help your Physician to serve you better and would also save time.
  • Once you are at our facility, if you haven’t registered online with us already, we request you to register yourself at the Health Check Registration counter. In case you have registered online please collect your file at any of our registration counters.

The Health Check Process

Our Health Check begins between 7 – 8 am every day. The registrations for the Heath Checks are done up until 10:30am. You are required to report in a fasting state (8hrs-10hrs of overnight fasting). Please do not take any beverages except water. Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing. A complete medical history and examination will then be performed by our medical officers and physicians, the outcome of which will result in a Personalized Health Check, made just for you. After billing, you will undergo a set of laboratory and diagnostic tests. The entire process will last between 3-5 hours and might take longer if there are any additional tests that might be required to customize your Health Check. We also offer an afternoon Health Check from 2pm onwards at certain locations* for which 5 hours of fasting will be required. In a small percentage of these cases, the Physician may ask you to repeat certain blood tests after 8-10 hours of overnight fasting. (*Location specific)

Review and Counselling

  • Following your initial visit, you will be asked to consult with one of our experienced Consultants for a detailed review of your Health Check reports.
  • You will also be offered lifestyle, nutrition and vaccination counselling.

Subsequent Visits

It is imperative that you reassess your health status at regular intervals, the regularity being governed by the presence/absence of disorders/diseases and illnesses. Your return visit will mostly focus on pre-existing diseases and illnesses, if any, or a general health assessment.

Please follow the same pattern as the current website –

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