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Intelligent dose and compression

Two of the most important advantages to the MAMMOMAT Inspiration lie in its ability to produce excellent image quality and individualized dose. To optimally match the breast density and thickness of your patient, it offers three anode/filter combinations: Mo/Mo. Mo/Rh and W/Rh. Opdose® will automatically select the best anode/filter combination for the individual breast characteristics. Opdose is designed to minimize a patient’s radiation dose and exposure time.

It has fast & quick acquisition. 3D stereotactic biopsy attachment further enhances the prompt action required i.e. minimally invasive procedure and early diagnosis especially in pre malignant things like microcalcifications, suspected DCIS.

The function applies compression until the breast is no longer soft and pliable. The compression paddle will stop at the point of optimal compression. The material composition of the paddles provides a warm and smooth feeling during the exam.

The advanced technology reduces radiation dose significantly when compared to conventional exposure. Especially for large breasts, a dose reduction can be achieved.

With its automation and integration in screening, MAMMOMAT Inspiration reduces the number of steps required to produce exam results.

The Opdose feature of Inspiration is designed to minimize a patient’s radiation dose and exposure time. The Opcomp feature optimizes breast compression.

Salient features - Mammomat Inspiration:

  • Flexible modular platform for screening, diagnosis & stereotactic biopsy
  • Unique feature for optimal compression without causing patient discomfort
  • Unique feature for best image quality with lowest dose
  • Intelligent 3D stereotactic biopsy system with high image quality for early intervention & early diagnosis
  • Advanced Tomosynthesis system with wide angle of 50 degrees.