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Non-Invasive Cardiology Services in Mumbai

Stereotactic Radio Surgery/ Radiation Therapy (SRS / SRT) (Intra-cranial / Extra-cranial)

SRS / SRT is a highly specialized non-surgical procedure that uses highly focused X-ray (also called- X-knife) beams to converge on the tumor/ abnormality with very high level of precision and accuracy (with the help of micro-MLC) to deliver a high dose of radiation. It can be done with a localization frame fixed to the skull or can be frameless (intra-cranial) or even with a Stereotactic body-frame (SBF) device (extra-cranial). SRS delivers a very high radiation dose in a single session, while SRT is delivered in multiple sessions. In SBFRT again a relatively higher dose of radiation is delivered per fraction for a few sessions spaced out in time. Many benign lesions/ tumors of brain, cranial metastatic lesions, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are treated with SRS/ SRT. Metastatic lesions in various organs (like lungs, liver, very close or involving spinal cord etc), and even some locally advanced inoperable primary tumors can be treated with SBFRT. Difficult to treat lesions lying very close to critical structures such as spinal cord, brainstem, optic apparatus can be treated with Intensity- Modulated Radio surgery (IMRS).