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IBM Watson for Oncology
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What is IBM Watson for Oncology?

IBM Watson for Oncology is trained by physicians at Memorial Sloan Kettering, a leading Cancer Center in the US. Watson for Oncology can help:

Evaluate specific details of your medical information against a vast amount of clinical evidence including medical journals, textbooks, drug information and cancer treatment guidelines

Provide your doctor with potential evidence based treatment options based on your unique situation

How will Watson for Oncology be used by your doctor?

Your doctor at Apollo Cancer Centre, will supply Watson for Oncology with your health information. By combining attributes from your medical record with clinical expertise, external research, and data, Watson for Oncology identifies potential treatment options. Your doctor can then consider the treatment options provided by Watson when making decisions about your care.

What are the potential benefits of IBM Watson for Oncology for you?

When your trusted oncologist leverages Watson, the potential benefits to you can be numerous. Watson has the power to help:

  • Bring information from the best practices of world-leading oncologists to your care team
  • Rank your treatment options based on expert training from Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSKCC)
  • Provide supporting evidence that your doctor can consider when developing your individual treatment plan